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New Student Play Dates

Over the summer a number of play dates are planned for incoming kindergartners and students that are new to OPE. This is an great opportunity to become acquainted with other students and families at our school.


Mark your calendars:

All the 2017 play dates are at SUN VISTA PARK on Avenida La Posta at Rancho Santa Fe Road. Please note there are no public restrooms at the park.

Mon June 26th 4pm
Tues July 11th 4pm
Wed July 26th 4pm
Mon August 7th 4pm
Thurs August 17th time TBD at OPE (Kindergarten Only)

Incoming Kindergarten Only: 
The Back To School Orientation for Kindergarten students is on Thurs August 17th BEFORE school starts at OPE. Parents and their children will go to OPE at this time to receive the child's teacher assignment. The children will be grouped according to their actual class and they will play games on the playground with an adult while the parents go through an orientation in the classroom with the teacher. The students will then have a chance to visit their classroom and get acquainted with their new teacher. 

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