OPE Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the PTA do?
    • The PTA raises money though memberships, Book Fair and Jog-A-Thon to provide Programs at OPE which enrich our students education, health and well being. The PTA volunteers also provide support to teachers, parents and the school by leading many of the programs. The PTA holds a monthly meeting listed on the calendar open to the school parent population.
  • How is the PTA different from EEF? Why should I donate to both?
    • PTA provides PROGRAMS to OPE and raises money to fund the PROGRAMS. The PTA volunteers provide support to the school by leading many of the programs.
    • EEF raises money to fund POSITIONS not funded by the school district. These POSITIONS are determined by the School Site Council to meet the needs of the OPE student population.
    • Both the PTA and EEF are needed to making our school great! The PTA membership drive and EEF Invest in Your Child pledge drive are both at start of the school year with additional fundraising later in the year.
  • What is the School Site Council?
    • The School Site Council develops a plan and budget to allocate the supplemental funds EEF raises through parent contributions to fund POSITIONS. The board is comprised of administrators, teachers and parents. Their focus is to provide our children with the best education possible.  The School Site Council holds a monthly meeting listed on the calendar open to the school parent population.
  • What are the fundraisers for PTA and EEF at OPE? 
    • August - PTA Membership Drive
    • September -  EEF Invest in Your Child Pledge Drive
    • October - PTA Book Fair
    • Winter - PTA Jog-A-Thon
    • Spring - EEF Bid for Kids Auction and EEF Pancake Breakfast
  • Our family is new to OPE how to we get involved in the community?
    • Join the PTA!
    • Sign up for the PTA Weekly eBlast Newsletter
    • Contact PTA board members or sign up for events as needed.
    • How can I volunteer for a PTA event?
      • Contact the program lead listed on the About PTA at OPE page or Signup on the Signup Genius that will be posted before many events
    • How can I join the PTA board or lead a program?
      • Contact our PTA President or Parliamentarian
    • What time does school start and end?
      • 7:45 am Gates Open and students can play on the playground
      • 7:57 am Line-Up Bell
      • 8:00 am School Start Bell and Gates Shut
      • 2:20 pm Dismissal Monday-Thursday and 12:45 pm Fridays
    • What time is morning recess?
      • Monday-Thursday 9:40-9:55 (K-3rd) and 10:00-10:15 (4th-6th)
      • Fridays 10:00-10:15 (all students)
    • What time is lunch?
      • Monday-Thursday 11:30-12:10 (K-3rd) and 12:00-12:40 (4th-6th)
      • Fridays 11:00-11:40 (K-3rd) and 11:30-12:10 (4th-6th)
    • Is there a music program at OPE?
      • Yes! We're are very fortunate to have a full-time Music Enrichment Teacher funded by EEF at OPE
      • All classes perform in a grade level concert and at Grandparent's Day concerts
        • November - 1st Grade - Thanksgiving Show
        • December - 5th Grade - Patriotic Performance
        • January - 2nd Grade - International Show
        • February - 3rd Grade - The Weather Musical
        • March - 4th Grade - Gold Rush Days
        • May - Kindergarten - Magical Me
        • May - All Grades - Grandparent's Day
        • June - 6th Grade - Promotion
    • What is Grandparents Day?
      • A very special morning honoring Grandparents (or a special non-parent in your child's life) with two all-grade concerts, reception and classroom visit time. Watch the 2016 Grandparents Day concert   Grandparents Day is always the Friday before Memorial Day. The students and parent volunteers dress up for the annual theme.
    • What is the Olivenhain Pioneer School Song?
                        Olivenhain Pioneer (clap, clap, clap)
                            Elementary School is where we go (clap, clap, clap)
                            Up on the hill, our mission we fulfill
                            Pioneers, leaders of tomorrow

                            Children learning, (clap)
                            Children growing, (clap)
                            Children showing that we care
                            We're creating, (clap)
                            Investigating, (clap)
                            Collaborating everywhere

                            Olivenhain Pioneer (clap, clap, clap)
                            Elementary School is where we go (clap, clap, clap)
                            Up on the hill, our mission we fulfill
                            Pioneers, leaders of tomorrow  

                            O P E Eagles! We Soar!         
    • What is a Spirit Day?
      • Days where the students are encouraged to show their OPE Spirit and wear their OPE logo t shirt or sweatshirt. Frequently on these days, there will also be an all school assembly at the lunch area in the morning. The PTA's Spirit Wear sale is usually in September.
    • What is Gold Rush Day?
      • On Gold Rush Day in March, the 4th grade takes over the ball field and runs a simulated 1850s mining camp town after weeks of preparation.  Parents are also very involved in the event day and dress up too!
    • What is the Room Parent Fund?
      • Room parents request money per student at the beginning of the year to be used for class parties and teacher appreciation gift.
    • What is the annual school musical?
      • The annual school musical is put on by the 6th grade classes of Mr. Dickenson and Mrs. MacGregor in June. Always an amazing production not to be missed!
    • What is STREAM?
      • Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Art and Math
    • What is the Makerspace?
      • DIY room where students can gather to create, invent and learn.
    • What are New Student Play Dates?
      • Over the summer a number of play dates are planned for incoming kindergartners, students and families that are new to OPE. This is a great opportunity to become acquainted with other students and families at our school. All play dates are at SUN VISTA PARK playground on Avenida La Posta at Rancho Santa Fe Road (across RSF Road from OPE). Please note there are no public restrooms at the park. Check the PTA website calendar or contact the PTA New Parent Liaison for the current summer dates.